"I suppose it’s tempting, if the only tool you have is hammer, to treat everything 
as if it were a nail."




Approaching chronic pain from a linear, purely anatomical approach is an outdated model. Each client and their pain experience involves biomechanical, psychological and environmental factors. As such, helping clients eliminate pain requires a multidimensional, bio-psycho-social framework.


Help relieve your clients’ chronic pain with strategic movement

Chronic pain can be physically, mentally and emotionally crippling—and it’s not easy to remedy. People living with chronic pain suffer every day. Many turn to painkilling medications for short- term relief, but the pain never fully goes away—and the side effects are rarely worth it.


There is a better way: Movement


As a Pain-Free Movement Specialist, you’ll help clients overcome the pain that has dominated their lives—in some cases—for years. 

Over six detailed modules, you will learn to help those in pain feel better, move better, and live more productive lives doing the things they enjoy. The Pain-Free Movement Specialist curriculum is the first of its kind. No other exercise-based program is designed specifically to prepare you to work with the client in pain using a biopsychosocial approach. 


Improve the conversations you have with clients in pain 

What has your client missed out on because of pain? What does success look like to them? How will they know working with you has been worthwhile and meaningful? Notice these questions lie predominantly outside the realm of muscles and movement... 

The Yellow Brick Road is designed to help you create positive, lasting transformations for your clients by focusing on what transpires BEFORE a biomechanical evaluation or exercise program even takes place. After all, where is the value in assessing movement if your client has become fearful of moving? 

The Yellow Brick Road seeks to provide health and exercise professionals an online course that integrates: 

psychological theory, 

pain neuroscience, 

interpersonal relationship-building principles and 

client centered coaching essentials; 

So whether you’re a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, corrective exercise specialist, health coach, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist... the entire framework is designed to compliment and fit into your specific area of expertise. 



Combining Biomechanics with Psychological & Environmental Ingredients is a Powerful Recipe for Lasting Change 





Help clients relieve chronic pain with strategic movement.


6 modules designed to create powerful transformations.

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Improving the conversations coaches have with their clients.

A 4-part framework for coaching clients in pain.

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