Pain-Free Movement Specialist - Level 2 Virtual


The Full PFMS Level 2 Experience. All From Your Home or Office.


We no longer live in the same world we did prior to 2020. Social precautions have made it nearly impossible to engage in workshop-type environments. As a result, the educational landscape has shifted… immensely!

A New-Era of Continuing Education is Here

Now, you can enroll in Level 2 and continue your PFMS education all from your home or office. Through a combination of live education, newly recorded content and small group breakouts, this Level 2 experience has (literally) never been experienced like this before!

No more costly air-travel

No more pricey hotels or car rentals

Immediate access to 6-hours of online content

1-day virtual live-stream included

Real time assessments & program design with live clients

Instant program design feedback from Anthony & Kevin


Mastering Assessment & Program Design


At Level 2 Virtual, you'll go far beyond templates, models & formulas. You'll develop a thought-process, a system for thinking your way through the assessment process, interpreting the results, knowing which exercises to choose, and how to design powerful exercise programs for clients in pain.

Level 2 Objectives:

  • Each Level 2 Pain-Free Movement Specialist will learn first hand how to implement the four foundational assessments used to gather each client’s movement data:
    • 1) Pelvis land-marking assessment
    • 2) Single leg stance assessment
    • 3) Overhead squat assessment
    • 4) Rotational excursion assessment
  • Introduction to the principles of GAIT, and how to utilize as a whole body movement assessment.
  • From start to finish, observe Anthony as he takes one of his clients through the assessment process, followed by his interpretation of the results.
  • Learn how to establish precise programming objectives & exercise outcomes with precision and confidence.
  • Master the relationship between knowing which exercises to choose and where to place them in designing programs.
  • How and when to regress & progress your clients through the Function First Exercise Continuum.
  • Design your own programs for real clients with instant feedback & analysis in small group breakouts.


How it Works

Level 2 is a two-part process:

Part 1: Once enrolled, you’ll have immediate access into recorded content available EXCLUSIVELY to Level 2 participants.

Part 2: Once enrolled, you can register for the 1-Day Livestream and choose which date works best for you!

Livestream Dates (2021)
April 2 | July 10 | Nov 5

What's Included:


6 hours of online content available on demand - 24/7
Registration access to 1-Day Livestream 
Livestream material sent via email prior to your selected date
Custom postural evaluation & movement assessment forms incl.
FREE annual subscription to the
Yellow Brick Road online course




- $799 USD

- $199 USD
(livestream returnee)